Anyone have any particular suggestions for android Mastodon clients?

@robertcc *jots down note* One point for Tusky... Thanks.

@Deveyus @robertcc Using but it has been crashing on me (on my Pleroma account, not this) a few times, but is far better that AndStatus which is constantly crashing/unusable. I'm on a cheap <$100 Android phone.

@superruserr @Deveyus I haven't had any issue with Tusky at all but I also wasn't familiar with Pleroma either.

@Deveyus I tried tootdon first. I saw people claiming it archived your msgs on tootdon servers. I couldn't tell you if that's true or not.

I've been using tusky and like it thus far.

Been using Mastalab recently, everything works fine :)

Tusky & Mastalab. Using both all the time.

@Deveyus I'm using Tusky, works well on my OnePlus. I also tried Mastalab, but notifications only seemed to work off of wireless and I preferred the layout of Tusky.

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