Just got on mastodon via, any particular recommendations of people to follow?


Welcome to the fediverse!

For #MastoArt start with @Curator @Ayior @CountZero ...many more

It will also help to have you expand your profile and to pin an introduction post with your account so people know the breadth of your interests.

Thanks a lot, I've been pondering what to add and say, but seeing other people's in the past few minutes has helped a lot! I'll make sure to do those things today.

@Algot @Deveyus
Heeey....thaaaank you (but i honestly think i'm not that worthy to follow ;))

@CountZero @Deveyus

You took on the DailySketchChallenge...what's not to follow?

@Deveyus mh,, dunno, probably me 😜

but hey, seriously, this depends on what your interests are.

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