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Dallas Hackers Association @dallas_hackers@infosec.exchange

"Hacked Feed: Have You Ever Been Hacked?" - (10 mins)

Great Podcast / Radio Production by Hans Anderson!

w/ Wirefall, WhiskeyNeon, @tinker, C0mmand3r, MoeBius, Jek, @rainmaker, Rexer, Woody, and other hackers from the Dallas Hackers Association!


@dallas_hackers - Make that four folks with two talks got accepted!

Whew! Last night at @dallas_hackers was fun! A lot of good talks and a lot of good people. Two folks got their talk proposals to DefCon accepted!

Join us for Hackers at the Faire!

May 20th - Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, TX

12:15 during the Pirate Initiation Ceremony at the Royal Marquee in Pecan Grove.

(It's dress a pirate... we pirate shit...)

More info here: srfestival.com

Tinkering around with some #malware at a client's today. Something they've been battling with for a while. I was thinking of doing a talk at @dallas_hackers but I think somebody covered almost exactly the same thing last night. PowerShell running PowerShell decoding base64 encoded DLLs and injecting into memory. #infosec

@rainmaker @tinker @dallas_hackers My ribs were killing me after UberKitten's stuff. It was a great evening!

@rainmaker - @dallas_hackers was pumping wasn’t it! 110 folks showed up. 2 zero days dropped. And a shit ton of great talks.

It was good to see you there!

@tinker @dallas_hackers Thanks. You too. Between the zero days dropping and UberKitten's shennanigan's, it was a night to remember!

Tonight! - 5th Year Anniversary of DHA

Hacking, Firetalks, Food, Hacking, Drinks, CTF, Hacking, Locksport, 0days, 0ldays, Hacking !!!

Be There!

Info: meetup.com/Dallas-Hackers-Asso

Website: dallashackers.com

@dallas_hackers I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it (gonna try) but if I can't will you get @tinker to talk about TXLF and tell people to register. Would love to get a strong showing there from Dallas folks.


Wed, May 2 - 7pm - Dallas, Texas

If you're in ( / ), come on out for our Fifth Anniversary!

Already have folks lining up to give talks, including drunken hacking, proper (undisclosed) 0days, and other stuff.

Bring a laptop to participate in our CTF. Bring your favorite picks for our Locksport.

First month, feel free to lurk. Second time you visit, you talk.

What will you talk about?

More info: meetup.com/Dallas-Hackers-Asso

Website: dallashackers.com

Mastodon for the Dallas Hackers Association.

We are a diverse group of hackers, coders, white hats, gray hats, black hats, 1337s, skiddies, and a couple of undercover feds.

We give fire talks: very short, dense, technical talks on hacking, code, security, and methodology.

We have Capture the Flag and Locksport.

All open source, open methodology, community driven.

We meet the 1st Wednesday of every month. More info: dallashackers.com