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The Complete [and Definitive] Sed Command Guide

You will never need any other sed reference than this article crafted with love 💕... by myself

#sed #posix #gnu #linux #shell #command #reference

While everyone is , some people may be missing parks/nature. Everyone can . is here, and plants are starting to grow. Today I moved boulders, flattened everything, and transplanted a rose bush and a small tree.

#CambridgeUniversityPress books are all available to be read online without charge until May.

Good time to learn something new.

A new critical 17-years-old RCE #vulnerability (CVE-2020-8597) affecting 'Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) daemon' opens nearly all popular #Linux based operating systems and many other embedded devices to remote hackers.

Review for the laptop. Really beautiful, great spec, great price. @slimbook is doing some great work! Check it out if you are looking for a high-powered portable.

For anyone teaching , if you've not seen it yet @MagnetForensics has some great course materials and even test case data. Great to supplement your practical sessions!

Do you want a teaser for the next "Smashing Security" podcast? of course you do...

Carole Theriault and Graham Cluley are joined by special guest Anna Brading from Sophos Naked Security.

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