Free mini-course on getting started with Velociraptor IR! An endpoint visibility tool for full . There are SO many features.

Winners were selected for the @Detegoforensics giveaway! Thanks for checking out our talk on forensics in the military ( More chances to win coming soon!

Want to learn about digital forensics in the military? Andrew Lister talks career pathway from military to private sector.

✨Sign up for a chance to win prizes✨

As soon as @sansforensics Summit Day 2 ends, join @DFIRScience @13CubedDFIR and I Beg to DFIR (@HeatherMahalik) as we talk about the @4cast awards and what's next in forensics!

Join us August 15th @ 13:00UTC to learn about Digital Forensics in the Military. PRIZES sponsored by Detego Global.

Windows and Linux authentication bypass with the new Arsenal Image Mounter 3.9. Virtual DD, LVM support, and a whole lot more added.

DFIR Science was nominated for the 2022 Forensic 4:cast awards!
✨THANK YOU! ✨ 🤯🥳🥳

Now in the top 3 - please vote for the finalist!

Speed up password cracking by generating targeted wordlists from RAM. A quick hashcat tutorial.

Working with Linux Logical Volume Manager in forensic disk images with Tsurugi Linux - something you might run into if you are analyzing a Linux image.


Say why you love #LibreOffice (with the hashtag) – and you might win some cool merch! There are a few days left to go in the Month of LibreOffice, May 2022:

walkthrough using the Cyber5W mini Linux - Practice Linux investigations!
EWF-Tools, @sleuthkit grep, grep, grep
We don't give the exact answers but get you v. close.

How to use Tableau external write blockers for acquisitions - full walkthrough. There were from the Digital Intelligence UltraBlock kit.

Get ready for another round of Cellebrite Capture the Flag – May 2022. Great way to practice your skills. Registrations are now open!

Do I have friends on here that formally do web accessibility consulting services? I would love to have a contact on hand to point people who would be willing and able to pay for such services in the future.

US Digital Forensic Examiner position w/ local asked about these certs:
* CFCE ($3295)
* GCFE ($7640+$949)
* CCME (Unclear, over $3,000)
* MCFE (Free + 3,249 for prereq)

$ doesn't include travel + CPEs.

1. Other (cheaper) forensic and security certifications can still get your foot in the door
2. Take advantage of scholarships
3. Take advantage of workplace sponsorship
4. Make a blog w/ your research.

Many thanks to those who are donating to run the instance. I am not spending about $100/month + the domain name and my time to keep it running.
If you're of the mind and have the ability to support the instance, you can do so here:
I do need some help with images and formatting, and whatnot to "personalize" the instance, so any help there is welcome, too.

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