@dirtycommo it's definitely about a virus. At the same time, people who seek power are trying to use the uncertainty to their advantage. The best thing you can do is take prevention seriously, watch new legislation closely and raise awareness about power grabbing. Also, watch the EFF for updates about privacy law:

@f2k1de end to end encrypted chat, file sharing and a lot more. It is great.

I'm trying to teach the importance of functions to my students even though the things we are doing rn are easy and short. As well as the importance of comments.

I'm saving them from my mistakes, they won't write tons of lines and afterwards forget what do those lines do. :blobugh:

The Complete [and Definitive] Sed Command Guide

You will never need any other sed reference than this article crafted with love 💕... by myself

#sed #posix #gnu #linux #shell #command #reference

While everyone is , some people may be missing parks/nature. Everyone can . is here, and plants are starting to grow. Today I moved boulders, flattened everything, and transplanted a rose bush and a small tree.

#CambridgeUniversityPress books are all available to be read online without charge until May.

Good time to learn something new.

A new critical 17-years-old RCE #vulnerability (CVE-2020-8597) affecting 'Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) daemon' opens nearly all popular #Linux based operating systems and many other embedded devices to remote hackers. ㅠㅠ Thanks anyway. Humble gifts is a nice idea.

Review for the laptop. Really beautiful, great spec, great price. @slimbook is doing some great work! Check it out if you are looking for a high-powered portable.

@cypnk You're right. Not sure how effective reporting would be. Creating a public directory of one's that leaked would be interesting / helpful. I just use it as a filter tag for my inbox.

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