How to use Tableau external write blockers for acquisitions - full walkthrough. There were from the Digital Intelligence UltraBlock kit.

Get ready for another round of Cellebrite Capture the Flag – May 2022. Great way to practice your skills. Registrations are now open!

Are you a college junior or senior with an interest in analysis? Apply for
Chainalysis Capstone by May 2nd (Monday!)

Great skills for Fully remote. Apply now!

It's season! This week we talk about different types of conferences and how to start presenting/networking with the community.

The agenda for @MagnetForensics Summit 2022 looks awesome!
In-Person ➡️ Nashville, TN April 11-13
Virtual ➡️ April 20-28. Virtual is✨FREE✨

Last week we had an AWESOME streaming event! There were so many great questions. We showed the Tableau TX1 and UltraKit from Digital Intelligence and the Atola Technology DiskSense II. Check it out here:
Special thanks to Magnet Forensics!

Is a RAM acquisition part of your SOP? A RAM acquisition is a fantastic source of evidence. Check out the basics of memory forensics with Volatility 3. Get comfortable with some basic commands, and you'll be doing advanced memory in no time!

Investigate nmap usage for fun and glory. Overview of data artifacts, analysis results, and reporting. Part 2 of the autopsy series.

mini-course on starting a new investigation with . Covers basic data organization, documentation, new cases, ingest modules, basic analysis workflow, and exporting reports.

Reader ufdr file has suspect data categorized in an archive. We wrote a script to reconstruct the original file and directory structure for use with and other tools.

Free, automatic software dependency inventory with vulnerability scanning. Very easy and so useful to respond to vulns like

Easily visualize flows with . Getting started with cryptocurrency transaction analysis and Bitcoin forensics.

⚡️Tomorrow is the last day to enter for a chance to win a month of ! All you have to do to enter is subscribe and comment on what you want to learn in and ! Pls share w/ new learners!

Looking to investigate ? Check out this introduction to investigation and wallet seizure - a tour of wallets, keys, and following basic transactions.

If you're new to forensics research, check out how to get at iOS data with only open-source tools. BPLISTER is the secret ingredient.

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