Winners were selected for the @Detegoforensics giveaway! Thanks for checking out our talk on forensics in the military ( More chances to win coming soon!

Just confirmed DFIRScience will be at Magnet Summit April 11-13. Find us there for free stickers!
Registrations open:

Thank you to everyone who joined the stream today! We raised $18.32 for the Community Hardware Fund! Thank you ✨SO MUCH✨ to Digital Intelligence and Atola Technology for letting us learn about forensic hardware and Magnet Forensics for supporting the community! 💖💖

Tomorrow! Feb. 24th 14:30 to 16:30UTC (09:30 to 11:30EST) there will be fun and games! Also showing the Disksense ][ and Insight Forensic from Atola Technology

Easily extract text from video with the Tsurugi Linux utility video2ocr

While everyone is , some people may be missing parks/nature. Everyone can . is here, and plants are starting to grow. Today I moved boulders, flattened everything, and transplanted a rose bush and a small tree.

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