Awesome logical acquisition script. If you ever do ADB pulls, you need to check out ✨android_triage✨- and it's already added to Tsurugi Linux!

We are proud to have a special guest Deidra Phyall - IT Specialist (Security), U.S. IRS - for a live interview tomorrow at 9AM EST. Come learn how to address the skills gap in cybersecurity!

Do you ever work with security camera footage📽️? If so, check out the Tsurugi Linux free utility video2faces. Save yourself hours by automatically extracting faces from video!

The video also talks about when video2faces may not work so well, and how to pre-process to get better results.

Join us and Magnet Forensics Wed. Oct 20 at 11AM EST to talk about Moving Digital Forensic Labs to the Cloud. We will cover common concerns and SOPs.

Useful and trick - How to group files by extension in the Linux command line.

The full video shows the limits of tesseract-ocr out-of-the-box models. Check it out here:

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Easily extract text from video with the Tsurugi Linux utility video2ocr

Extremely practical skill: Disk image and partition mounting. We also talk about folder structures.

Remote memory acquisition of an EC2 instance running Amazon Linux 2 with no access to AWS console. Using LiME. Could be scripted for a large IR.

A new Bento portable toolkit from the Tsurugi Linux team was released yesterday! Here is how to get started:

I'm trying to teach the importance of functions to my students even though the things we are doing rn are easy and short. As well as the importance of comments.

I'm saving them from my mistakes, they won't write tons of lines and afterwards forget what do those lines do. :blobugh:

The Complete [and Definitive] Sed Command Guide

You will never need any other sed reference than this article crafted with love 💕... by myself

#sed #posix #gnu #linux #shell #command #reference

While everyone is , some people may be missing parks/nature. Everyone can . is here, and plants are starting to grow. Today I moved boulders, flattened everything, and transplanted a rose bush and a small tree.

#CambridgeUniversityPress books are all available to be read online without charge until May.

Good time to learn something new.

A new critical 17-years-old RCE #vulnerability (CVE-2020-8597) affecting 'Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) daemon' opens nearly all popular #Linux based operating systems and many other embedded devices to remote hackers.

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