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I actually didn't know this, but thanks for pointing it out. I had actually already been using PiHole and had a WG setup for home lab access + filtered DNS. Now that I know this is a thing, I'll be getting a Raspi back to play with ;)

My fediverse is a lot less toxic than my Twitter feed. After seeing The social Dilemma on Netflix I think I better understand why; Social Media has a way of evoking anger via siloing people into thought bubbles. Fediverse doesn't do this so shouldn't have the same effect long term?

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Trying to get a newly trans friend to join fedi. Trying to make a point about the enviroment here.

Are you...

@superruserr LOL "Disinformation websites have similar characteristics to spam domains"

Can take the spammer out of spamming but ya can't take the spamming out of the spammer 😂

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If you have a OnePlus 6T, re-register your fingerprints after the lastest (9.0.2) update, it's much faster!

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If statistics taught me anything, it's that I'm fairly average at pretty much everything. And so is most everyone else.

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Managed switches that use a separately hosted management interface are the devil

USB c cables are great at cutting tape on boxes

@dallas_hackers found out I'm going to be in Austin for a infosec internship. Will Dallas Hackers still be happening the first Wednesday of the summer months? Been wanting to go for the better part of a year since @tinker told me about it at a conference

I have a new phone, so it may be that, but I swear Mastodon and Mastalab are working better than ever now!

I amazed that you have actually managed to duplicate your tweets and toots across both platforms. You sir have more dedication and motivation than I for something like that.

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The hardest part of using PGP, key management, doesn't scale well in large organizations. We solved this problem at First Look Media (where there are over 200 PGP users) with GPG Sync. We maintain a keylist, and everyone subscribes to it, so everyone has the latest public key for everyone else.

I'm excited to announce that we've submitted a draft RFC that will turn GPG Sync into an internet standard!

Check this out:

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Former #Diaspora user. Hopefuly this thing wont be shut down and lost like the last Diaspora pod I had an account in.
I' m a #Linux user and #OpenSource software fun. I run #Debian on my computers and servers, #GNOME is my DE of choice.
I play #FlightGear #FlightSimulator #Minetest #OpenWorld #VoxelGame and visit #OSGrid #OpenSim OpenSource #SecondLife

My hobbies are #Photography #Cycling and #Gardening

How are you today!?

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