you know what the best feeling in the world is? when your kid is sleeping on you.

@sir yeah, it was the same experience for me/my peer group

Covid-19, Families, harsh&bitter 

@jan @TQ fully agree

@schmonz @ryan_harg my three months flew by in no time.... i'm in the mood for at least 3 months more right now😂

That's a first - my work computer just bluescreened during lunch break. This is also the first BSoD i had on a machine i regularly use since at least 5 years 😱

(Might be related to the relatively small number of windows computers i use - 1).

Die Polizei will #Stammbaumforschung, bitteschön, hier ist Polizei-Stammbaumforschung.

BKA von 1954

i'm currently extremely demotivated to do anything on HTB. the redesign is literally the least thing i care about (and i think it's not good) - but the quality of the machines has been shit.

Luckily, i've found - love the focus on education!

Oh, cool -- my employer (Veracode) decided to make some of their interactive, developer-focused security labs available for free to everyone. They're pretty good, with interactive find-and-fix security flaws and such.

@hund @kcancelik i don't care - my adblocker handles anything ad related for me.

@dublinstinkt solidarity reimt sich auf police brutality - und wie wir wissen, gibt es beides nicht. :beber:

just found the @infosechandbook telegram stickers - good job folks! 🧑‍💻♥️

Ich habe einen Witz über das Patriarchat, aber mein Mann findet den nicht lustig.

@Kadda das glaub ich dir... bin froh das unsere kleine noch einige jahre von der schule entfernt isst.

plans for today: some more cryptonomicon, chilling in the shade with the lil one, a whole lotta nothing. :awesome:

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