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PixelFed is a free open federated alternative to Instagram.

There are lots of different instances you can sign up at, for example:

It is part of the ActivityPub-powered Fediverse, so you can follow PixelFed accounts from Mastodon etc. For example: @earth

You can follow the project's latest news at @pixelfed

#PixelFed #Instagram #DeleteInstagram #Alternatives #Fediverse

I really needed that long weekend. Felt good to go completely offline/afk for a few days.

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Seit meiner Geburt fehlen mir 100 Millionen Euro.
Natürlich ist es hart, wenn die jetzt einfach so von einer Milliardärsfamilie für Notre Dame gespendet werden, aber ich reg mich längst nicht mehr über sowas auf.

@remotenemesis can you help me joining bolthole bbs? I'm too young to have experienced bbs systems and i'm curious... :dance_cool_doge:

@breakthesystem do you like it? i thought i might enjoy it but returned it, because it was no fun at all :(

@jerry and if you're missing people from "over there", you can subscribe to their feeds via rss anyway, using

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Keybase: Some people state that they will never use Keybase since everybody is forced to upload their private, secret GPG keys. This is a myth …

Since 2015, Keybase solely relies on per-device NaCl keys:

NaCl was created by cryptologist Bernstein, who is also known for Curve25519:

You don't need to upload any secret GPG keys. You can even use Keybase without uploading any GPG key.

#keybase #nacl #crypto #infosec #security #cybersecurity #gpg

Get well soon - best wishes and hopefully a quick recovery 🤞

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"Red Mars" has been great - but "Green Mars" was a freaking blast. Can't wait to continue with "Blue Mars" 😎


i heard good stuff from synology - but i'm also heavily pulled towards rolling my own freeNAS... decisions, decisions 🤷

What a weird day. Time to lay low and read a good book, i guess.

if you look for "applicants of all genders" - why do you use the generic masculine in your whole job posting? 🤬🤔

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