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Vor einem Jahr ging #Wuhan in den Lockdown. Der Film "76 Days" zeigt unglaublich nahe Aufnahmen aus einem Krankenhaus vor Ort.Absolute Empfehlung.

Is the cuckoo sandbox project dead?

Any alternatives? I've already found PyreBox ( which looks pretty good...

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The fediverse is a public forum.

Your posts are only as secure as the admins of every instance that your home server federates with, in terms of private and followers-only messages.

If you're going to talk about sensitive information, keep it to Signal or other secure 1-on-1 channels.

Assume that everything you post to the fediverse, is being scooped up by multiple gov agencies around the world.

The Milan scrape was only notable because they made their findings public.

If a university scraping feeds did it, it's safe to assume other, bigger organizations have been doing it for much longer.

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holy fucking shit - why the fuck ist es denn bitte SO EIN AKT informationen zu bekommen, WANN, OB und WIE UEBERHAUPT dieser mythische "netzausbau" statt findet?

hoffentlich schiesst elon endlich genug satelliten in die umlaufbahn - dann gibt's einfach starlink.

I made it! 102/100 of my challenge. Several vacations, one move and i somehow made it till the end :dance_cool_doge:

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