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- Say that your code of conduct is just "use your best judgment".

- Realize that the concept of "best judgment" isn't universal and leaving it that way is a disastrous decision. Spend some time writing a code of conduct to make sure everyone can participate in your community safely. Think of effective ways to respond to incidents.

Be a good ally. This is exactly the kind of situation in which you have the power to make a positive change in your community.

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If your notion of a useful error message to users is a hex code and a stack trace, your notion is invalid.

Tell me what led up to the error condition in a meaningful way.

Tell me, "<X> variable was set improperly." Don't tell me "Error code 0x802FD at src.cpp:1234"

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Reading toots by people defending Fedilab "I want my software apolitical!" Ho boy,… I have really bad news for you.

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chilliness levels are holding at 26%

(26%) ■■□□□□□□□□

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Today Linux Journal shut its doors for good. All staff were laid off and the company is left with no operating funds to continue in any capacity...

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Sportliche Auseinandersetzung mit Schließsystemen gelungen: CCC hackt Hotel-Schlösser der neuesten Generation #Messerschmitt

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security rant 

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Ich hab jetzt schon zweimal den Take gelesen "Wenn die Äußerungen von #Tönnies rassistisch waren dann haben wir in Deutschland echt viele Rassisten"


😱 @maria is BACK at the most smashing (with a 'g') podcast 😍

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If any of you needed any further reason to dislike rms (Photo of Stallman)

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daddy levels are 66% and steady

(66%) ■■■■■■□□□□

@zeitschlag @flowfx

haha, war mir auch sicher, dass das die bose sind.

Und ansonsten spiegelt das ziemlich genau meine erfahrung mit "beratung" im offline-handel wider... Ausserhalb von buchlaeden gab's bisher entweder nen dummen kommentar oder "vorlesen der beschreibung" - dann eben nicht.

@ddench no, but i needed a nudge from one of the jedi masters how to approach it

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