It's coming alone quite nicely. Just 70 more to go :kappa:

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@0xmrtn I think I hit 60 before tapping out. The so-called discount at 45 didn't materialize (or it's for something that doesn't exist yet), so whatever. My current goal is to break the top 15, then call it quits. I figure 2-3 more Hard level machines should do it, provided I pick carefully.

@JohnsNotHere i wonder how far i make it. i actually use it to develop "study at least a little bit" as a new morning-ritual, after i've prepared breakfast for the family. Just noticed today that it has already been a month :rainbowdance:

@0xmrtn I used to have the same ritual, then I got disillusioned after I broke 45, but then again my goal was 45, so yeah! If it works for you then definitely keep at it! I like most of the newer rooms that they're releasing, but some of the older ones are just absolute garbage.

@JohnsNotHere i've mostly done older ones so far - and not too much every day. But i just completed GamingServer today, which actually was pretty fun and I learned something.

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